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Duty Suspension

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Drinks Chef is an Excise Warehouse keeper, meaning if you are a WOWGER (Warehousekeepers and Owners of Warehoused Goods Regulations) registered spirits brand we could be the perfect partner for you. 


At Drinks Chef we are able to bottle as little as 10L in a wide range of rums, vodka, tequila, liquors, whiskeys, gins, beers, ciders and RTD’s. As an agile producer we have the ability to offer many formats in filling glass bottles, covering all sized bottles from 5cl to 1L. When it comes to alcohol in a glass or aluminium bottle, Drinks Chef are able to work with unique, custom moulds of glass and aluminium the industry has to offer. Our ability to offer our clients smaller-scale runs in a variety of glass or aluminium bottles makes Drinks Chef the perfect manufacturer for you. 

Duty Suspension


Let's talk about the duty suspended process at Drink Chef and how we gear up to onboard and be able to manufacture for brands that have been allowed to produce and move stock  duty suspended. Due Diligence must be completed before the contract moves forward. Drinks Chef will ask for the customers for the companies Registered Owners of Duty Suspended Goods held in Excise Warehouses Registration Certificate from HMRC. This will include details such as the excise ID and the conditions of the approved license. Drink’s Chef will also ask for the company's Directors to complete identity checks.


Following the approval of the companies individuals and registrations a pre production pack will be sent to the customer to complete, this will ask for details regarding the suppliers delivering materials, the label specification and packing formats so all the crucial information is captured at the beginning of the process of the duty suspended manufacturing, this is the same process in glass and aluminium bottling as it is with canning. 


Once the production pack is returned, a date for the duty suspended manufacture will be provided. On the final receipt of materials Drinks Chef will have a pre production call with the client to finalise details provided in the production pack, for example case labels, barcodes, pallet specifications so the duty suspend production runs smoothly. 


When the job has been completed, the client has 30 days to collect all products that are duty suspended. Drinks Chef of course can complete a W5 and allow the customer to pay the duty on the duty suspended stock that then can be stored for the foreseeable future in Drinks Chef’s duty paid storage. 


With the world of spirits being so competitive it's important to consider how your brand will be identified and how it will differentiate from other brands in the market. When you choose to work with Drinks Chef, you have direct access to the Directors of the brand, who have a combined total of 20 years experience in the industry. Drinks Chef knows exactly what a challenger brand or a market leader requires when it comes to choosing a producer, Drinks Chef provides itself in being that unspoken star team player for our brands, offering all the services under one roof that give all the brands the support and guidance they need, with the ability to gear up for any format run, glass, can, aluminium bottle and pouches.

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