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Creative & Branding

Not all development companies are as rounded as Drink Chef. We are proud of our approach to helping take new and existing drinks brands to the next level. Our creative team will guide you through the steps to create continuity across all of your branding and creative needs.

We understand that there is so much more to design than simply looking good - outstanding creative concepts are always born out of a solid idea, insight and informed opinion. Therefore, our creativity is grounded in solid strategic and pragmatic thinking.

Graphic communication is the core specialism, but we also excel in a wide range of associated areas including marketing strategy, advertising, copywriting, photography and experiential design. Conceptual idea generation is a key strength and our team will bring creative thinking to life both print based and digitally.

Establishing the brand

Establish brand theme/narrative/story

Our design team keeps in mind a story or narrative to design 'into', influences decisions in terms of style & aesthetic and constantly asks the question of; Does the design hark back to the consumer/environment/story in which it is sold? This document will pull through and drive out brand guidelines, essence and aid copy & social strategy.

establish the brand.png

The Design Process

It is incredibly important that your brand is based on solid informed research, exploring the most effective way your brand can speak to consumers and clients. 


We utilise our passion for great design, experience in the industry and knowledge of the latest trends to provide a solid base on which to build your creative look & feel. 

Initial Scoping Out

Day with client scoping out brand ideas, discussing key information about the bespoke brand USP and idea inspirations. Client to provide history of vision, giving the brand story validity & helping piece together the brand references and narrative. We explore the key points to hold the design together. Discuss areas of research to be informative and valuable to the project. From this meeting we establish key design and mood boarding areas. 

Design Research

Key questions to answer during research:

Qualify 4-5 questions we want to gain knowledge on / aim to answer from the research we carry out Mood boarding relevant subject areas, bespoke for the project taking into account all discussion points from the scoping out.

Customer Profiling

Layering in from the development scoping out we further Investigating the consumer to gain an idea of what they are looking for in their buying decisions, what they do in everyday life, which references we can take from in terms of analogous exploration.

Analogous Industry Investigation 

Visual research. Taking inspiration from sectors which the customer base buys into, but isn’t in the drink sector. A great place to make ground on competitor’s offering.

Competitor Analysis

Competitors to be discussed with the client on scoping out day. Focussing on how they perform visually and aesthetically to a customer, where they are exceeding and the design and brand should, therefore, reflect, but most importantly if there is anywhere they are lacking allowing the brand to stand out and make ground, further appealing to a consumer.

The design Process.png

Brand Design

Branding Design

Your logo is important, but your brand is built on so much more. 


Branding packages consider the use of:


  • Brand Typography

  • Colour Palettes

  • Document/Marketing Layout

  • Brand Stationery

  • Character

  • Illustration 

Already have an established brand that just requires a refresh?


No problem! Drinks Chef would be happy to assist facilitating your vision.

Drinks Chef Portfolio_Grove Punch 9-50.jpg
Drinks Chef Portfolio-10.jpg

Print Marketing

Drinks Chef is proud to be the ‘one-stop’ port of call for your business’ creative needs. We offer packages with variable menus or product offerings in mind. This allows your business to dynamically respond to your changing customer requirements whilst maintaining considered design!


The printables we offer include:​

  • Brochures, Leaflets & Flyers

  • Business Cards & Loyalty Cards

  • Business Stationery

  • POS Graphics

  • Greetings Cards

  • Stickers & Vinyl

  • Clothing & Print Marketing

  • Posters and much more!

Packaging Design

We create considered, custom branded artwork. A turn key solution for launching product in the industry.

Having extensive experience in this area, Drinks Chef relish generating new packaging formats, to enable your brand to be shown in its best light. 


We will work to make sure your packaging is as eco-friendly as possible, for example ensuring that your packaging can be recycled or re-purposed.

We can provide 3D mock ups of any cardboard packaging, regardless of whether it is a bespoke construction or an 'off the shelf’ option. 

jAGA drinks4.jpg

Website Design Services

A well designed, easy-to-use website is a must have for any modern businesses. Perhaps your current website is looking tired, or you’re not getting the functionality to convert visitors into leads. Drinks Chef can lift your online presence without the pain of expensive web developers. We can aid your business with a user-friendly, cost-effective solution. We'll work with a number of website formats, to suit you. This includes e-commerce options for those looking to sell products online.


Formats we are able to provide dynamic websites with include:


Merch & Clothing Design

Get kitted out in our fully customisable brand clothing options. Great if you want to get your customers wearing your brand or create a cohesive look & feel with staff uniforms. 


We can create designs and print for the following items and much more! Get in touch to discuss any items not included on this list. 

  • T-shirts

  • Hoodies

  • Hats & Caps

  • Masks

  • Aprons

  • Safety Wear

  • Phone Cases

  • Mugs

clothing and merch.png

Want to find out more or discuss your project with us?

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