Development Process

Stage 1 - 2 Hour Consultation Project Feasibility - £POA


This session is essential for all new projects to make sure that a brand goes into development fully informed.


Products we specialise in


Tonic Waters

Cold Brew Coffee

Kombucha Drinks

Cbd Drinks

Energy Drinks 


Functional Waters

Protein & Collagen Drinks

Nutritional Bars





key areas below areas of discussion


  1. Timeline of project 

  2. Set up costs

  3. Target market

  4. Branding

  5. Marketing

  6. Trademarks

  7. Manufacture costs

  8. Lead times

  9. Minimum order quantities

  10. Packaging options

  11. Investment

  12. Sales

  13. Compliance

  14. Recipe design profile 

  15. Wastage expectations  

The meeting will be followed with an optional write up with business & brand suggestions followed by an additional follow up 1 hour meeting for £250 + Vat 

Stage 2 - Recipe Creation, Compliance, supply chain set up.  Per Recipe - £POA


We will create you a bespoke recipe from scratch to your specification. 

Development Plan & Process Flow


Week 1


2 Hour recipe specification design session 


Ingredients list creation

Flavour profile 

Sugar (Brix Value per 100ML)

Retail price to consumer

Wholesale price to retail

Brand to wholesale price

Bottle, Can,  Bag In Box

Pack Size 


After this meeting we will draw up a product specification that Drinks Chef Limited & You the client will sign.


We will then source the materials and create first round of samples within 5 weeks 


Week 6


Sample Tweaks


We will have a one on 1 tasting session and discuss any alterations on site and create a final round of samples.


We will also discuss packing options & finalise pricing


We will create a draft costing for the product 


We will create a margin chain for the product


Final samples sent to lab for nutritional testing certificate


Final Samples sent to lab for micro testing

Week 8


Development sign off - You will receive 


Recipe Card

Suppliers List

Ingredients List

Mixing Method

Product Specification

Recipe IP certificate 


Stage 3 - Pilot Sample Run Mini 

1x Product £POA 

2x Products £POA


We will run 10 litres of a product into finished packaging this includes below


Ingredient checks



Carbonation if required

Filling into Can or Bottle


Water cooling

Labeling or Sleeving

Boxing or Shrink wrapping

Micro Test 3 Bottles or Cans 

Micro & Nutritional  Testing 

Micro Test - 3 Bottles Per Product 10 Days £POA

Nutritional Testing - Per Product 10 Days £POA